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AIIS School provides its students the right atmosphere and environment grow objectively and not burdened by any kind of imposition. The focus has always been on building character and attitude. The school believes that character and attitude are true essence in any human being. Precisely speaking, education is a life long process and we remain students as long as we live. It was john Kindley who said, “The greater our knowledge increases, the more our ignorance unfolds”. The sprit of enquiry is mark of a true students. Here, we ingrain the same philosophy in the minds of our students.

President'S MESSAGE

Welcome to AI International School Nurmahal, a premier educational institution with its roots going back to more than forty years. Throughout this period, the school has been rendering meritorious service to society and is not only reputed for its excellent academic results but is known for its culture of excellence in extra-curricular activities and sports as well. With its fine infrastructure and really competent and caring staff, the school offers an ideal atmosphere for your all-round development-intellectural, physical, spiritual and moral. The real pride of a good school, of course, is its students who, through their sincere hard work, bring laurels to the school and add to its stature and glory. While the school will polish your talents, sharpen your skills and do all that is best for you, I expect that all of you will also put your heart and soul into your studies and working with dedication and discipline, take it to still greater heights. Best Wishes!

Trustee's MESSAGE

Dear Students, I extend a hearty welcome to you and appreciate the wise step taken by you in joining this prestigious educational institution. The Almighty will definitely shower His blessings on you and you will be able to turn your dreams of a bright future into reality and enjoy a life of peace and prosperity

World class courses form our instute. Don’t hesitate to contact us for details