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Principal's MESSAGE

Our School A I I S has eco-friendly environment with lush green garden and flower beds which fills the mind with serenity. At the same time it is a vibrant learning community where students are provided access to high quality education, opportunity and holistic approach so as to make the students prepared for post school future. The focus is always on the pursuit of excellence sourced from a variety of avenues. The staff is navigated to work collaboratively to further refine their pedagogy, empowering their capacity to respond to the complex needs of our diverse and demanding school community.

AI International School - Mission

AIIS values creativity and team building skills, as reflected in the rich and extensive range of extra–curricular activities. Students are immersed in an environment that promotes the values of public education, a consistent work ethic, ethical thinking and respectful conduct. We do not teach or preach but instill self respect, self esteem, self confidence and at the same time make them realize that they have to be disciplined and respectful towards their parents. Social behavior is also a part of the curriculum. They are taught to remember to pay the RENT i.e Respect to all, Empathetic, Nice and cool attitude and Time to your family. This is the culture and tradition which should never be ignored of our nation.

World class courses form our instute. Don’t hesitate to contact us for details